This district aims to accomplish the vision of Nirmal Purba Medinipur by 2016.

01.  Bring about a change by abolishing the practice of open defecation at village areas of district by promoting cleanliness and hygiene.
02.  To change the behavior of rural people towards healthy practices in daily life.
03.  Generate awareness and education among community about the necessity of sanitation and connection with public health.
04.  To campaign highly to arouse a need of own health and hygiene and cleanliness of whole area.
05.  To make people understand the need and necessity of sanitation in their own life.
06.  Stimulate sanitation coverage in rural areas to obtain the vision of Nirmal Bangla by 2016.
07.  To spread awareness at GP level for scientific disposal of solid liquid waste and construct one solid liquid waste management unit at every GP.