Dissemination of IEC activities
It means Information, education and communication which has an impact on sensitizing rural people about the need of health and hygiene. It is the most important component of the entire programme.IEC used to create awareness and bring about a change in human behavior which creates need and demand for toilet at all level. During last couple of years this district has arranged various activities like Sanitation Mela, Nirmal Vidyalaya Saptaha, rally, milking, human chain etc. where people got to know about the necessity of healthy and safe life and also the need of toilet at household level, Schools, ICDS, Market area. Through IEC we motivate people for sustainable use of toilet. For IEC Posters, leaflets, handbills, Drama, Folk songs were used to generate awareness among people. All these activities had messages for health education. We have planned to celebrate Health and Sanitation day on 15th June 2016 where main objective is to awareness generate among ICDS and School students of the district through Posters, stickers and leaflets.