Provision of Community Sanitary Complex
The provision of providing sanitation facilities through public toilet complexes is the most suitable option for those who cannot afford individual toilets for monetary reasons or due to lack of space and go for open defecation. Such complexes are useful and valuable option at public places, markets; bus stands etc. where large congregation of people takes place. The Community Sanitary Complex (CSCs) fosters the cognitive development of healthy sanitation practices in the community. Concern Panchayet and users are given the ownership and the maintenance of the CSC. Community sanitary complex contained with toilet seats, bathing cubicles, washing platforms, wash basins etc. This district has already planned to construct CSC at entire district. Total cost of CSC is Rs. 2,00,000 where govt. subsidy is 1.80,000 and rest 20,000 contributed by Panchayet or Market Samity who take the maintenance.