Solid Liquid Waste Management

Solid Liquid Waste Management Project, Itamogra-II Gram Panchayat
Mahishadal Block   Purba Medinipur

01.  PROJECT : Recycle for Reuse of Waste materials (Solid & Liquid)

02.  VANUE : Kapasaria village, Itamogra-II Gram Panchayat.

03.  PROJECT UNDER TAKEN BY : Itamogra-II Gram Panchayat supported by Kapasaria Sarvik Village Society (NGO)

    • To Keep the area clean by taking off waste materials – solid & liquid.
    • To recycle the waste materials for its re-use.
    • To use the waste materials for manure and its use for agricultural development in the area.
    • To use the waste materials for the production of Bio-gas and supply the energy in the area for various use as fuel, especially for        cooking mid day meal in the schools.
    • To provide employment /work in the rural area.
    • To keep the environment clean under “Mission Nirmal Bangla”
    • To benefit the areas through the Project :

900 families of Kapasaria and Bamunia Village

J.N.V. (Residential School) Kapasaria, Bamunia Bandhab High School, Two Primary Schools, Two SSK, Two Private Schools, One bank , Kapasaria bazaar, Kapasaria rural hat and one Health Centre.

05.  SOURCE OF FUND : Recycle for Reuse of Waste materials (Solid & Liquid)

• Fund – Approx 20 lakh in the first stage is required.

• Fund Sponsored by:

• Purba Medinipur Zilla Parishad (Sanitation Cell).


• Gram Panchayat own fund.

• The maintenance of the Project has been funded by Purba Medinipur Zilla Parishad (Sanitation Cell) for first six months, later it will be carried on through the output of the project.


• One shed at Kapasaria Plant.

• First and second separation Unit.

• 16 chambers for storage of un-rotten materials like-Egg shell, rubber, platic, glass, jute, paper etc.

• Two compost pits for rotten materials.

• Four vermi-compost beds.

• 900 hundred buckets provided to the villagers to store the house hold garbage.

• One I.I.T. Dinbandhu Madel Bio-Gas Plant.

• Water supply from sub-mursible pumps to ever-head tank.

• Two carriages named –“Parivesh Bandhu” – to collect the garbage from the given areas.

• Sufficient electric supply.

• One office, Two toilet (Male & Female), dressing room, security room, First Aid facility, 70 drams (Big containers), poultry shed, cattle shed etc. required to carry on the project perfectly.


• Two carriages – “Parivesh Bandhu” collect the garbage from the given areas in two shifts.

• The carriages – “Parivesh Bandhu” collect rotten and un-rotten garbage separately in the separate box provided in the carriage.

• Various types of un-rotten garbage are separated and stored in the 16 separate chambers meant for.

• Valuable un-rotten garbage is sold to the Haldia Ramki Group for further recycling and use. Rest un-rotten wastage is used to fill up the low-land or pit.

• Sour and bitter rotten elements are picked out for making hand wash and so on.

• Rest rotten elements are used for the preparation of compost which is stored at first in the compost beds and it is spread to four vermin compost beds for the production of manure. This manure is sold to the local farmers at lowest price by the “Rural Agricultural Society” for the development of agriculture.

• Carcasses of animals are collected and used to produce Bio-Gas which is supplied through pipe lines to local schools for the use of fuel to prepare mid-day-meals. This will be supplied in Anganwari Centre in future for the same purpose.


• To workers to pull “Parivesh Bandhu” to collect the garbage in two shifts.

• 18 trained Self-Help-Group workers work alternatively in the group of six at a time to separate the garbage and at her works.

• One manager to supervise the various works.


• To continue the project-

Poultry farm and Dairy farm will be started.

Bio-gas Plant will be extended

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